Friday, January 29, 2010

Love a Humax PVR. Personal Video Recorder

If you are a British Expat living overseas for any period of time and want to keep up with your favourite UK comedy and drama or merely want to “feel at home” with the need to catch BBC ONE News then will deliver 24/7 for the period of your subscription.
Being away from home means time zones at odds with UK time. Your dedicated Humax PVR eliminates time zone issues allowing you to record UK television anywhere and anytime in your current location with the flexibility to watch at your leisure.
Simply use your remote (shipped with a Slingcatcher™) to record your favourite BBC ONE program in a couple of easy steps. hosts a Humax Personal Video Recorder (PVR) alongside a Slingbox™ in the UK Facilities.
This is part of your account and completes your time shift experience. Record and replay any of the channels listed  anywhere and wherever you want with your remote control. Or even via your laptop virtual remote or iPhone™ Slingplayer™ app using a WiFi network. More about that later.
For a full list of all the channels    
Humax Front
Pictured, the minimum specification Humax PVR 9150-T hosted in the UK facilities and dedicated to your account 24/7 for the period of your subscription.

 humax PVR special features.

  • Simultaneous viewing of one channel and recording another channel.
  • Simultaneous playback of any  previous recording and recording of 2 channels.
  • Up to 200 hours of recording on an integrated 320GB HDD*
  • Pause & Play live TV (Time Shift Recording)
  • Simple record scheduling in Electronic Program Guide (EPG) coming soon…

* Recording time a function of the GB capacity of the HDD.

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