Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What is Slingbox™ Technology about. ?…. a brief overview.


ukTelevision.tv will be using Slingbox™ technology. A brief overview of the hardware and software can simplify the learning curve.

What is a Slingbox™?

A Slingbox™ can redirect one of its inputs to a single computer located on a local network or remotely, when using a broadband Internet connection, anywhere in the world. Only one user can access a single Slingbox™ at a time. Accessing content using a Slingbox™ is known as placeshifting.
A Slingbox™ connects a TV source (via coaxial cable, composite cables, component cables, or an S-video cable) to an existing Internet connection. Users can change channels from a remote location.
Slingplayer software on a user's computer connects to the Slingbox™ over the Internet and provides the user interface for viewing the video stream and changing channels.
A virtual remote controls all connected devices and changes the channels with the use of the computer mouse.
For viewing remotely on a TV rather than a user’s computer a SlingCatcher™ is connected to the Internet and the remote TV and controlled by a remote that ships with the Slingcatcher™


With ukTelevision.tv your Slingbox™  is dedicated to your account 24/7.


What is a Slingcatcher™?

A set top box connected to the Internet which enables users to watch their television remotely, without the need for a computer.The SlingCatcher™  ships with a hardware remote which delivers a normal television experience.
A SlingCatcher™ connected to a Slingbox™ over a broadband Internet connection can enable remote TV viewing of material that is subscribed to, such as a satellite or a cable service. While a Slingbox™ is capable of taking a video stream and funnelling it to your computer or cell phone.


What is slingplayer™ software?

The Slingbox™ utilizes Sling Media's proprietary SlingPlayer™ software to display audio and video on Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh running Mac OS X, and selected mobile devices.
The Slingplayer™ software includes a live video buffer to pause, fast-forward, and rewind up to 60 minutes of live video, a customized channel/program guide, and a web-based user account to assist in finding and connecting to the Slingbox™ via a broadband internet connection.
One of the best resources for Sling Media™ devices is the Sling Community.
Everything you need to know about Sling technology related to the
Slingbox™, SlingCatcher™ and Slingplayer™ software and a lot more.


A complete time and place shift


The ability to watch TV anywhere in the world is complimented with a Humax PVR which is dedicated to your account and hosted by us in the UK facilities.
The Humax PVR completes the time shift functionality with full record and playback capabilities.


Next : More about the Humax PVR


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